February 2020

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Tick-tock, tick-tock. You are already in your 30s and you think that your whole life is behind you, and you have not yet found your place in life? These young Muslim women started before you, taking responsibility for their lives. But believe me, it’s not too late to start right now! Read it, get inspired and

An article about the girl who has taken off her headscarf stirred up our readers. Some began to express sympathy for the Muslim woman who decided to take such step, making duaa for her, others began to condemn not only the guest of the interview (the story is real, only the name was changed) but also

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. "And We created you in pairs"(78:8) "and placed between you affection and mercy"(30:21) Polygamy. How much this word consists of. For some – pain, jealousy, shame, complexes, the feeling of betrayal, the abyss and the inability to find the ground under feet. For others - desires, passions, fairy

In 2013, Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi Muslim woman living in New York, introduced World Hijab Day on February 1. The idea comes from a small website where Nazma shared stories about the hijab and its cultural significance for Muslims around the world. It provided an opportunity for any visitor of the site to share their thoughts

That's exactly how I decided to call the anonymous story of our sister, whose husband dared to strike not only on the body but also on the heart, on dignity and on hopes. How has she managed to survive such difficult moments, not despairing and, again, believing in love, Mohabbat (changed name, that means Love) says in

Inspired by great-grandmothers, traditions, and culture. Original and stylish. Made a splash in the industry of modest clothes and hijab. Generated a lot of opinions, from delight to prohibition. It's all about Annurclothes. Alua Mamatova has learned how the brand's founder reacts to the opinions of fellow designers and consumers. Annurclothes started its way back in 2017

The issue is highlighted by Iman Khanum, Master of Islamic Sciences, Islamic Law Advisor, President of the Union of Muslim Women of the Baltic Countries, Editor-in-chief of the Baltic Muslim News site As-Salam. BismilLahir-rahmanir-rahim We are the creations of Allah (Subh'anaHu Wa Ta-A'la). Only He knows what is good for us. Allah created us in pairs. Allah Almighty

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