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In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. "And We created you in pairs"(78:8) "and placed between you affection and mercy"(30:21) Polygamy. How much this word consists of. For some – pain, jealousy, shame, complexes, the feeling of betrayal, the abyss and the inability to find the ground under feet. For others - desires, passions, fairy

That's exactly how I decided to call the anonymous story of our sister, whose husband dared to strike not only on the body but also on the heart, on dignity and on hopes. How has she managed to survive such difficult moments, not despairing and, again, believing in love, Mohabbat (changed name, that means Love) says in

The issue is highlighted by Iman Khanum, Master of Islamic Sciences, Islamic Law Advisor, President of the Union of Muslim Women of the Baltic Countries, Editor-in-chief of the Baltic Muslim News site As-Salam. BismilLahir-rahmanir-rahim We are the creations of Allah (Subh'anaHu Wa Ta-A'la). Only He knows what is good for us. Allah created us in pairs. Allah Almighty

How to study at school without leaving home and getting bad marks? How to attend lessons from any place in the world? How to find a class where all the students and teachers love Allah? Such school exists! We have taken an interview from its founder and we are ready to tell you about the school

“Married a Slavic girl – saved a lot of money” – this is what a lot of brothers from Arab countries and Turkey think. “If you want a quick nikah without problems caused by bride’s relatives, marry a Russian Muslim girl, but make nikah silently so that your relatives would not learn about it, otherwise there

"Glass, cold eyes, indifferent,"lifeless" look, a little bundle of happiness is trying to find a drop of warmth in them, persistently crying and grunting in order to "light up" the mother. In fact, the mother doesn’t do it on purpose, she just got into a depression". The expert of the attachment theory Ayana tells about what happens

She has learned the flip side of marriage in Islam. Kamilla (the name has been changed) will tell us if she had found protection promised in sharia, by whom she had been betrayed and whether she will stay in Islam yet. "I remember things that happened during those two days with a tremble all over my body.

Mothers’ place is special, warm, enlightened, kind. In this warmness there is some kind of power, that can become either invisible support or heavy burden, not giving you a chance to breathe in any freedom. Let’s sort it out - mothers' manipulation or women’s dissatisfaction. Your closest, your dearest person - she has also been young, shining,

This article as a part of my investigation is based on both personal and professional experience. And I think we should study the problem of cross-cultural marriages (marriage of people of different nationalities) more than ever, especially in the context of Islam. The aim of the whole investigation and this article, in particular, is to inform Muslim girls

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