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Thousands of Muslim women protested in the streets of Brussels in recent days against a court ruling to permit banning of headscarves in Belgian universities. Dress codes that prohibit clothing that depict religious views in public fuel a spectrum of systemic issues, such as racism, discrimination and unequal treatment. We cannot achieve the UN’s Global Goals for a better

Just like a mom is happy for her child, as the Founder and CEO of Amanatinfo, I am thrilled about the first success of my baby project.  My child is so lucky! Not only does it have a mom but also a bunch of nannies, the members of our friendly female-only team. It may seem that six months

In 2013, Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi Muslim woman living in New York, introduced World Hijab Day on February 1. The idea comes from a small website where Nazma shared stories about the hijab and its cultural significance for Muslims around the world. It provided an opportunity for any visitor of the site to share their thoughts

Recently, the AMANATINFO info platform has celebrated its first month! It was difficult but at the same time interesting month for the entire team of the project. Having already started, we continued working with the site, developing it and adding new sections in the Russian version of the project. For example, the following sections were launched: Educational section “LEARN” where

On the 24th of August, there was the release of the first version of the 1st international informational platform for Muslim women - AMANATINFO. The launch of the platform took place in three countries at the same time: Ukraine (Odessa), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Russia, Chechnya (Grozny). In the presentation, the website was displayed and the plans were discussed. At the moment, the platform

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