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Wilhelm and Michelle Ott are known not only as Austrians converted to Islam, Wilhelm is a professional MMA fighter in the middle category. Our editorial team spoke with Michelle about the difficulties of converting to a new religion, the first time going out in the hijab, and new life changes. I converted to Islam on March 16,

If you have difficulties understanding this article in English, please install Google translate plugin to translate it into your language. Besides taking away our freedom to move, the coronavirus pandemic has given us an opportunity to learn something new while staying at home, for example, English. In this article, you'll learn how to use modern technology to learn

Thousands of Muslim women protested in the streets of Brussels in recent days against a court ruling to permit banning of headscarves in Belgian universities. Dress codes that prohibit clothing that depict religious views in public fuel a spectrum of systemic issues, such as racism, discrimination and unequal treatment. We cannot achieve the UN’s Global Goals for a better

Being a Woman has always been a difficult task. To succeed in life, a woman has to have many talents. Being a Woman in Europe is hard since a woman has to be more educated, more efficient than men, capable of multitasking, able to raise children and excel in her profession while being paid less.  What about

The coronavirus is spreading across the planet. On March 12 the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the fact that this is not just an epidemic, but a pandemic. Check out more information about the virus, shared by the pediatrician - naturopath Oksana Elhissi.   WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE VIRUS AT THE MOMENT? Coronaviruses are a long-known

Just like a mom is happy for her child, as the Founder and CEO of Amanatinfo, I am thrilled about the first success of my baby project.  My child is so lucky! Not only does it have a mom but also a bunch of nannies, the members of our friendly female-only team. It may seem that six months

Tick-tock, tick-tock. You are already in your 30s and you think that your whole life is behind you, and you have not yet found your place in life? These young Muslim women started before you, taking responsibility for their lives. But believe me, it’s not too late to start right now! Read it, get inspired and

An article about the girl who has taken off her headscarf stirred up our readers. Some began to express sympathy for the Muslim woman who decided to take such step, making duaa for her, others began to condemn not only the guest of the interview (the story is real, only the name was changed) but also

In 2013, Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi Muslim woman living in New York, introduced World Hijab Day on February 1. The idea comes from a small website where Nazma shared stories about the hijab and its cultural significance for Muslims around the world. It provided an opportunity for any visitor of the site to share their thoughts

From a young age, we were used to hearing that in order to be heard or praised we need to study and have a university degree. My parents weren't so much different from what people say or think about this, so, going to school was a must. Anything about study or school my parents were there

How to study at school without leaving home and getting bad marks? How to attend lessons from any place in the world? How to find a class where all the students and teachers love Allah? Such school exists! We have taken an interview from its founder and we are ready to tell you about the school

It doesn’t matter if you experienced a tremendous shock or simply tormented yourself with long-stored life problems and overwork. Now you feel that you have reached some point and you don’t even have any strength or desire for the smallest joys that still exist in your life. Maybe you would like to gather yourself, get up early,

The organizer of gender equality festival, blogger Aya (Kazakhstan), tells us about women's security, feminism and female sahaba. Elya: What is exactly your branch or direction you are studying in (As I know it is related to gender issues)? Aya: My branch is not related to gender issues. I mention gender issues from time to time on my

This article as a part of my investigation is based on both personal and professional experience. And I think we should study the problem of cross-cultural marriages (marriage of people of different nationalities) more than ever, especially in the context of Islam. The aim of the whole investigation and this article, in particular, is to inform Muslim girls

Chinese girls told their stories of strength and courage, which helps them practice Islam in conditions of absolute control by the goverment. Our correspondent Zulfiya Bishanlo, a student from China who is living in a city with a population of 8 million people, managed to meet local Muslim women and ask them some questions about their lives.

The most informative review of an action-packed and soul affecting-book  «Don’t be silent». Interview with the author of the book, Dagestani Maryam Aliyeva. In addition to the review, we will add our view to the problem of sexual violence in Caucasian families. I started reading the book which was something that I truly consider ‘brave’ since I

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