Welcome to the website of the AMANATINFO project, located at: https://www.amanat.info/ (the “platform”), which is dedicated to providing all people with space for halal self-realization and the acquisition of modern knowledge within the framework of Sharia, as well as for new acquaintances between sisters from all over the world. Please read our rules carefully. Unfortunately, violators of these rules will be removed from the platform.


  1. Yes, our platform for Muslim women. 

But the platform is not religious, we neither teach religion, publish religious content nor call for any religious actions, even if we talk about them. The only one thing is that we can use links to the well-known hadiths, verses of the Qur’an, etc., in articles of non-religious subjects, to substantiate the vital issues of Muslim women.


  1. We respect ALL Muslims and do not accept discrimination in any form, especially takfirism. 


  1. We cover news and events regarding the life of Muslims. But it does not mean that we take sides or call on you to any conclusions, actions or inaction. Information is for information. Your conclusions are your responsibility.


  1. AMANATINFO is an absolutely independent and free project. We do not cooperate with any political or religious organizations and are not going to do this. 


  1. Our platform is open to non-Muslim girls (Inshallah we will become the reason). We are against discrimination in any form. You are welcome if you respect our rules.


  1. We welcome the distribution of our publications and articles. But, distributing our content – do not forget to tag us in your reposts.


  1. As you have already noticed, our platform is only for women, so do not let or urge men to use it without unnecessary need, although, we have no right to forbid them from visiting our platform. 


  1. All content on the platform belongs to AMANATINFO. By copying publications and images without mentioning the platform link, you violate the Law of Ukraine on “Copyright and Related Rights”, as well as applicable international copyright laws.


  1. Please note that the platform is currently in testing mode, so any error or technical malfunction may occur, but functions, features, speed, number of users, etc. platforms can change significantly. In case of detection of such errors, failures or malfunctions, please notify us via e-mail to info@amanatinfo.com 


  1. You have the right to use the platform “as it is”. It means that you do not get any guarantees of the platform usage, its functionality, correctness and compliance with your plans and goals for its use.


  1. You use the platform at your discretion and at your own risk. However, it is strictly forbidden to use any prohibited or malicious software, including viruses or phishing programs while using the platform.


  1. We have the right at any time to decline you using  the platform at our sole discretion, as well as to remove your registration data from the platform.


  1. Please note that the Platform has a Privacy Policy and you have to agree with it in order to use the Platform and its functionality.
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